7 Popular December Global Holidays


December is probably the best festive month of the year for the celebration. The list of events and festivals is there in December. All around the world, people celebrate cultural, religious, and corporate events. At the time of December, it is winter. Moreover, people take a rest at that cold time and stay quiet. But, for some people, it is the right time for the outdoors and celebrations. The cold months are the right time for celebrations. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular December Global Holidays.

Take a look at some of most popular december global holidays, as several people celebrate them traditionally.

1. Hanukkah
2. Santa Lucia
3. Yule
4. Kwanzaa
5. New Year’s Eve
6. St. Nicholas Day
The Bottom Line

1. Hanukkah


It is a religious festival, also known as other names like Chanukkah and Chanukah. Some people call it the Festival of Lights. Moreover, people from Israel and Jewish communities all around the world celebrate this festival. Coming to the date of this festival is based on the Hebrew Calendar. So, the Jewish communities will celebrate on the 25th day of the Kislev month. The day will vary according to the Gregorian Calendar. The celebration is for the re-dedication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. This is after the Maccabean Revolt. People celebrate it by lighting candles every night all eight days.

Hanukkah’s celebration also includes singing of songs. People sing some special songs including Ma’oz Tzur. After singing songs, people start doing Hallel prayer.

People eat some special oil-dried foods such as

  • Potato Pancakes (Latkes)
  • Jam-filled Donuts (Sufganiyot)

People celebrate this festival by exchanging gifts and playing dreidels.

2. Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Festival

Santa Lucia was a saint in Italy and he died as a martyr. Based on some customs, people believe her as a light figure in the darkest part of the year. On December 13, people celebrate Santa’s death anniversary as a symbol of light.

People mark this day as atmospheric concerts and processions. Also, people celebrate it by singing songs wearing white headdresses. Also, lighting candles is everywhere in the world.

3. Yule

Yule Festival December Global Holidays

Yule is also known as Yuletide. Germanic people celebrate this festival all around the world. Moreover, people celebrate this as a tribute to the Norse god Odin. An Anglo-Saxon festival of Modraniht is another reason for celebrating this day. The day of Yuletide usually falls on the Winter Solstice. Also, it is one of the most popular winter celebrations all around the world. Ancient people celebrate this festival after lighting a huge log in a bonfire. Also, they celebrate it by going out for a long night outdoors.

Even today, people celebrate the festival with a log burning. The celebration includes building a Yule altar and then an evergreen Yule wreath. People exchange gifts and decorate the Yule tree. Candlelight dinner is another way of celebration.

3. Christmas


Christmas is the most popular holiday in December. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born on this day. People believe him to be the true prophet for saving humanity from sin. The most special thing about this festival is that even non-Christians celebrate it happily. The actual date of birth of Jesus is unknown. This day is picked up in correspondence with the winter solstice. In various countries, people celebrate it as a cultural event but not as a religious event.

There are several ways to celebrate this festival. People exchange gifts or leave gifts for Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Some people even attend Church services on the same day. For a vacation, Christmas is the right time to enjoy it.

4. Kwanzaa


Kwanzaa is celebrated in the United States but it is rooted in the history of Africa. It is the December holiday and Dr. Maulana Karenga created this day in 1966. After the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California, Kwanzaa began this holiday. The word ‘Kwanzaa’ means ‘First’. The word comes from the Swahili word and the actual phrase is ‘matunda ya kwanza’. It means the ‘first fruits’.

The celebration of this festival happens with traditional African songs and dances. It is also followed by storytelling, discussing old African cultures, and poetry reading. At the end of the day, people enjoy the mega feast with a traditional meal. The mega feast is known as ‘Karamu’. It is usually celebrated at the end of the year December 31.

5. New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve - December Global Holidays

The last day of the year happens to be New Year’s Eve. It is usually celebrated to mark the end of the old year. Also, it is to celebrate the birth of the incoming year. People from different religions celebrate this event. They celebrate it by visiting their worship places. People visit there to thank God and get blessings from God.

Some people celebrate the eve in restaurants, pubs, and theaters. So, people enjoy it outdoors. At midnight, the celebration will peak. It means that people enjoy songs, fireworks, and dancing, etc.

6. St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day

One more popular holiday in December is St. Nicholas Day. In most European countries, people celebrate it. St. Nicholas of Myra is the man who has a great inspiration for Santa Claus and Father Christmas. This man has a great personality, as he helped the old and poor people. He has given all his money to the poor people. St. Nicholas helped the poor children with education and food.

Thus, the people celebrate his death anniversary on December 6, 343 A.D. Most people celebrate it with gift exchanging, feasts, parades, and festivals.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, most holidays are there in December. Additionally, there are national holidays in December including Three Kings Day, St. Lucia Day, Mardi Gras, Boxing Day, Festivus, World AIDS Day, Omisoka, etc.  Therefore, you will have a wide collection of December global holidays for enjoyment.

December is not just a month but provides a good treat and happy things in life. It is also the right month for those who want to share gifts with their loved ones. Hope this article will help you if you are looking for December global holidays.

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