Eagles’ colitas’ refers to different plant


Your new section ran a request about colitas the verses to Hotel California by the Eagles.

The inquiry concerned the line “warm smell of colitas ascending through the air,” and you answered that the secretive “colitas” word is really “coleus,” the plant.

I might want to know where you got that data. I have the collection Hotel California, including the tune verses, and the word displayed there is “colitas.”

Curiously, I have never found this word in any word reference or reference book I have counseled. The main prospects I thought of were:

1. “Galleta,” which the word reference says is “a coarse, extreme rummage grass utilized for roughage and eating in the southwestern United States.”

2. “Goleta,” a modest community close to Santa Barbara.

Regardless, the “s” on the end would be a possessive, and the printed verses on the LP would be in this way mistaken.

Thus, I am as yet contemplating whether “colitas” exist, and, provided that this is true, what they are. _ J.W. Teller, Tacoma, Wash.

Reply: About where I got the data, it came from one of those Internet melody verses locales, like the Lyrics Server or the distressingly lethargic stacking Lyrics World.

Due to their appearance of “coleus,” and of the first letter essayist’s phonetic portrayal of the word being “coe-lee-tus,” everything seemed well and good. Or then again so it appeared.

Obviously they were off-base, as a few different perusers immediately brought up. There is likewise an explanation the word isn’t found in any word references. Peruse on:

Inquiry: When you were gotten some information about Hotel California by the Eagles, you said the secret word is “coleus.” While intriguing and altogether conceivable, this is mistaken.

After assessing the CD liner notes for the Hotel California collection, we observe that the printed verses to the title melody demonstrate this word to be “colitas.”

Important is that colitas has no significance in the English language, yet in Spanish, the word has meaning. It deciphers as “little tails” and alludes to the tips of weed leaves, supposed to be the most intense piece of the plant. _ Michael C. Phillips by means of the Net

Reply: Thus the benefit of keeping a Spanish word reference convenient. Presently, in the event that you don’t care about one final letter on this consuming theme:

Question: This email just came to me from Eagles the board honcho Irving Azoff.

“Because of your new request, in 1976, during the composition of the tune Hotel California, by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the word colitas was deciphered for them by their Mexican-American street administrator as “little buds.’ ”

I knew with a moment shock of conviction that this was the right understanding. The Eagles, with the foreknowledge given uniquely to genuine craftsmen, were promoting the ideals of great modern hemp!

Also, to think certain individuals thought this melody was about drugs. _ Dr. Steve Brown, Harrisonburg, Va.

Reply: Thank you. Obviously, everybody realizes that Eagles do fly exceptionally high.

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