Joker Pro Slot Machine

The Joker Pro slot game by Net Entertainment is a 5-reel, 10-pay line game casino classic in terms of its format and how it displays itself. NetEnt has a huge portfolio of slot games available across the internet, but this one takes on a traditionalist and simplistic feel that is sure to go down well with casino players that love to enjoy a slot game.

Something that may come as a surprise is that there are only 10 pay lines available in the NetEnt game. This goes against what the company is perhaps best known for, with their generosity towards players and giving them a fair chance of winning is one of their main USPs. However, their paytable is kind and with a 96.8% payout to players, there’s a good chance punter will win big on a game that is sure to brighten up competitors’ days.

The fact there are only 10 pay lines on offer means punters don’t need to revise where icons need to fall in order to win. They can just sit back and enjoy the thrill of the reels turning as the Joker looks to make us laugh.

Graphics of a Prankster
The game itself feels like it’s taking punters back to 80s disco nights. The screen is purple and glitzy as the stars move, whilst the soundtrack is upbeat and fast – offering the chance for players to tap their feet as reels tumble. The screen is busy and that suits the genre as the game gives the impression that although we’re in 2017, there’s still space for cheesy disco in our online casino slot games. However, it remains a classy and sophisticated display at all times, centered on the 5 reels and the content of what they’re displaying.

Joker Pro’s symbol payout and the paytable it has include items synonymous with luck and fortune, both in real life and online casinos. In ascending order in terms of value: Four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, golden bells, bar signs, red sevens, and sparkling diamonds are the icons that players will see falling down the 5 reels. Players need 3 to 5 of these to win. Another surprise as most other slot games only requires 2 symbols in one of the 10 lines to count as a win. However, with there only being 6 icons in the paytable, there stands a great chance for players to get at least 3 of the same symbols in at least one of the 10 lines.

These Reels Wont Make You Feel like a Clown
In-play on NetEnt games is notoriously smooth and professional, that standard is maintained here in the Joker Pro slot game. The purple icons along the bottom are clear and obvious as to their function and what it is they are offering players. From left to right along the screen, players can open up the ‘rules’ section which clearly displays the paytable, where the paylines are and what the bonuses and wild symbols do and what they look like.

Moving along, players can then decide how many lines they want to include in the stake. As there are 10 paylines, the options are simple one to ten. Auto play, which allows the computer to take control of the game for a number of specified spins allowing the player to relax and take a back seat –, is available on this game. Players can also decide how much coin value is on the game, which ranges from 0.02 to 1 coin per spin. In the centre of it all, is the iconic spin button where the fun starts and why players are ultimately drawn to the Joker Pro slot game – because they want to be entertained.

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