Kickass torents 17 best alternatives for September 2021

We all remember how kickass torents came into our world and made everyone fall in love with torrenting. The vast Kickass directory of torrent files and magnet links as download alternatives were suitable for continuous P2P file-sharing. It was done using the BitTorrent protocol and was the finest of its kind.

However, all these came to an end in 2016, when the United States Department of Justice arrested its owner Artem Vaulin and charged him with copyright infringement and money laundering. Ever since then, the site has remained inaccessible.

But the shutdown of Kickass Torrents didn’t mark the end of Kickass torents. Since then, several torrent sites have sprung up, making it challenging to choose websites as good as the KAT.

Like anything else, not all the KAT alternatives you see online offer the same value. Some sites have remained resilient and have distinguished themselves from the numerous options available. These, the very best ones, are the sites this article reviews.

Top Kickass Torrents alternatives – Quick list

  • The Pirate Bay: It is not only a quality alternative to KAT but a popular torrent source with the most extensive library and magnet links. The website’s colossal database boasts torrents in virtually any category one can imagine.
  • ExtraTorrent: The site has all the marks of a genuinely useful Kickass Torrents alternative. Its extensive directory lets you torrent files across a wide range of categories.
  • YTS: It has an excellent interface, with an impressive library. Furthermore, the website features millions of torrents, including obscure titles you can stream in HD quality.
  • EZTV: This has the most extensive collection of TV shows on the internet. It also has a reasonably great speed and a sizeable collection.
  • TorrentDownloads: This is a popular Kickass alternative with lots of magnet links and torrent files across various categories that you can download at good speeds.
  • RARBG: The website boasts an easy-to-use interface with a vast following and various video content across different categories.
  • LimeTorrents: Has an active community; hence it only features torrents approved by users. Besides, it also has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and use.
  • IsoHunt: Another excellent Kickass Torrents alternative with an extended directory featuring all the popular torrent categories.
  • YourBittorent: It has a robust directory with a user-friendly interface and various contents to choose from.
  • Zooqle: A new yet promising platform serving as the best site for game enthusiasts. The website has an advanced search option to find torrents of your choice based on language, category, and size.

Want to know about all? Read along to find our complete list of top 17 Kickass Torrents alternatives.

Quick guide: How to use a VPN for safe torrenting

Torrents pose several risks, such as malware, software vulnerabilities, legal troubles, data leakage, and lots more. To avoid any of these issues, it’s essential to use a VPN for Kickass torents safely. The following outlined steps will guide you how:

  1. Select your preferred VPN provider and subscribe to it. We recommend ExpressVPN as it offers total anonymity and advanced security features alongside fast speeds.
  2. Download the VPN app and sign in using the credentials you created at the time of signup.
  3. Now, connect to a VPN server of your choice. If you picked a quality service, you would have P2P-compatible servers offering the best possible download speeds and keeping you safe.
  4. Enable your selected VPN’s kill switch feature. If you went with ExpressVPN, you could find its Kill Switch in ‘Options.’ The provider has set its kill switch name to ‘Network Lock.’
  5. Download and install BitTorrent or any other torrent client (if you don’t have one installed already).
  6. Next, head on to a torrenting website of your choice.
  7. That’s it. Now you are all set to download torrents from one of the KAT alternatives listed in this article or any other P2P website you wish.

A note before you begin torrenting

Kickass torents is not illegal if you consider its nature. However, uploading/downloading copyright-infringing content is illegal. PrivacySavvy does not recommend using any torrent sites for illegal activity, no matter the need or case. We want to make all internet users privacy savvy, not pirates.

You are free to legally access videos, TV shows, software, movies, and other content that is license-free or to which you boast a right to access through any of the torrent sites listed.

Here again, protecting your identity, privacy, and security through a VPN is critical for many reasons (discussed later in this article) while using these websites. Besides, ethically, you should prefer seeding torrents you have downloaded to let others also download at good speeds.

Best Kickass alternatives today (detailed analysis)

Since the U.S government took down KAT, many people understandably keep searching for alternatives as good as Kickass Torrents. If you are one of them, your look-up should end today as below you will find the 17 best Kickass alternatives that actually work.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Private Bay

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 192.2 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (21.70%)
  • First launched: September 2003
  • Registrar: EasyDNS Technologies Inc

We start our list with The Pirate Bay; a trusted alternative to Kickass Torrents with millions of visitors per month, fast download speed, and the largest directory of magnet links and torrents. This site has been around even before KAT became a thing.

Although it has faced many blockages, DMCAs, and server downtimes, the site has weathered the storm and is still a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The website has an Always-Online technology and The Pirate Bay Proxy to gain alternative access when the main site is blocked.

Pirate Bay has a huge database of torrents with several categories such as Games, Software, Movies, TV Shows, etc. In addition, it has excellent security quirks with a dedicated community that informs you when a torrent is not safe. Also, the website boasts visual tags; this flags a torrent as either safe or potentially dangerous.

Looking at what the site offers, this is undoubtedly one of the best Kickass Torrent alternatives. Although many countries have banned it, you can get past the restrictions with the right VPN.

2. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent official

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 70 million
  • Users’ majority: Indians (31.4%)
  • First launched: 2006
  • Registrar: Unknown

This is one of the largest Kickass torents websites with a recently relaunched URL that features a new and advanced version of the main

Although its interface is a bit clustered, the site features the latest TV shows, movies, music, software, and games that you can download.

This Kickass Torrent safe alternative does not feature pop-up ads, which understandably pleases most users.

Each category has a list of the most popular torrents and information on the health of these torrent files. Also, it features a blog that keeps you up to date about the happenings in the internet privacy and Kickass torents world.

3. YTS

YTS torrent

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 115.8 million
  • Users’ majority: Indians (11.50%)
  • First launched: November 2017
  • Registrar: ABCDomain LLC

If you are looking to find movie torrents or have limited bandwidth, then this is the best Kickass Torrents alternative site to consider. It compresses its torrents; hence you can stream HD content without consuming lots of bandwidth.

This torrent site attracts over 115 million visitors every month with a 3 to 4 MB download speed per second. It has a phenomenal interface, but beyond that, the website also has an impressive library on display.

YTS focuses on movies; hence, you may not get games, music, and software here. But you will find the most classic and obscure films in relatively HD quality.

However, as is the case with most torrent sites, it offers some illegal torrents of movies. Therefore you must stay cautious when downloading a movie.


EZTV - TV torrents online series download official

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 20 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans
  • First launched: May 2005
  • Registrar: EZCLOUD LIMITED

EZTV is not necessarily a beautiful site. Its metrics aren’t very impressive, too, compared to other torrent sites with just about 20 million visitors/month and a download speed of 2 to 3 Mb/s. Still, this is one of the best KAT alternatives for many reasons.

First, it has the largest collection of TV shows you can find anywhere, with millions of trackers to its name. Also, the website has a surprisingly active community and uploads new releases almost instantly. That’s why many users prefer this torrent site despite its downsides.

5. TorrentDownloads

Torrent Downloads - download free torrents

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 13.8 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (12.70%)
  • First launched: November 2010
  • Registrar: NameCheap, lnc

TorrentDownloads isn’t new to the game; it has been around for a long time. However, this torrent site lost its popularity for a few years, dropping as low as 5 million visitors per month and a download speed of 2 to 3 Mb/s. However, it has significantly improved in recent times.

This website features lots of magnetic links and torrent files on several categories that users can download. You can download music, anime, books, games, applications, movies, TV shows, and others. While it does not require registration, you will get more features when you register.

It has a library of obscure titles; this includes rare books and video games with lots of Asian content. So, if you love content like this, then do well to check out TorrentDownloads.



  • Website:
  • Visitors: 90.9 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (27.86%)
  • First launched: April 2015
  • Registrar: Tonic Corporation

RARBG is another great competitor in the torrenting industry.

Although the site came on board in 2008, BREIN sued the website, which led to its shutdown. It’s not available in most countries like Saudi Arabia, the UK, India, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark, etc. Therefore, you will need a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN to access it there.

While its interface is clunky and the site is ugly, it makes up for this by providing a personalized experience. Users can navigate the site to quickly view the top ten torrents and magnet links in various categories. Like Kickass Torrents’ information boxes, you also get to have key data on it, such as popular digital products.

One downside we noticed was the site hosts a lot of ads. However, using a quality ad-blocker would help you avoid such distractions.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents - Download verified torrents

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 11.9 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (16.18%)
  • First launched: July 2018
  • Registrar: NameCheap, lnc

LimeTorrent is another excellent alternative if you are looking for sites like Kickass Torrents. It hosts tons of torrent files that are available in various categories. This torrent site became the go-to site after the shutdown of popular torrent download portals right after it entered the sector.

Besides, it features magnetic links for its users. However, there are policies on the type of torrents you can submit on the website. Nevertheless, it’s a great torrent site. It has a strong community; hence you can expect only to get torrents that users approve.

It has an easy-to-navigate user interface with a large number of new releases and a fast download speed. However, since it hosts recent content, it may not be preferred to find older stuff.

8. IsoHunt


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 1.0 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (10.22%)
  • First launched: September 2015
  • Registrar: Tonic corporation

IsoHunt is one of the best alternatives to KAT with tons of torrent users. It provides a broad range of downloadable torrents and allows users to upload torrents of various categories such as TV shows, movies, games, books, anime, software, and music.

Its directory features most of the popular content categories that you can browse and download any file instantly. The interface is user-friendly. However, you will need to download the IsoHunt client before downloading any torrent.

9. YourBittorent


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 1.8 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (13.19%)
  • First launched: October 2005
  • Registrar: TLD registrar solutions ltd

YourBittorent is another popular site and one of the safest alternatives to Kickass Torrents. It is also one of the first torrenting websites, dating back to 2003. The website offers excellent P2P files in all categories, including music, TV shows, movies, apps, e-books, anime, and lots more.

The website has a minimal, exciting, and user-friendly interface. This helps you find content easily alongside quickly locating magnet links for torrent searches.

It doesn’t require registration before use.

Although some regions restrict its access, you can unblock it easily by using a robust VPN.

10. Zooqle


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 5 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (12.74%)
  • First launched: March 2013
  • Registrar: EasyDNS Technologies lnc

If you love gaming, then this website should be on your list when Kickass Torrents is down.

Although, Zooqle isn’t up to par with other Kickass torents sites in terms of metrics. Precisely, it only attracts about 5 million visitors every month and has a download speed of 1 to 2 Mb/s.

Also, the website has lots of ads which can be annoying at times. Furthermore, its interface is rather dull and unattractive.

Despite these downsides, the site does have some great qualities. Although you won’t find many digital products, it offers tons of video game trackers as the portal has a robust directory of video games suitable for PC and console.

Besides, it enables users to subscribe to their favorite categories; this helps them stay updated on new releases.

The site also offers other categories such as music, TV shows, documentaries, comics, games, audiobooks, apps, anime, etc. Specifically, it features almost 40,000 movies and over 6000 TV shows that are available for download.

11. 1337x


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 85.7 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (15.32%)
  • First launched: March 2018
  • Registrar: Tonic Corporation

Looking at the site, you will feel 1337x is an alternative URL for Kickass Torrents. Although, it’s no behemoth like RARBG or Pirate Bay as it has a smaller library when compared to other sites. Still, 1337x pulls its weight.

This site attracts about 90 million visits every month, and that’s mostly because they Kickass torents focus on TV shows, music, and movies.

Its well-organized and user-friendly interface enables users to browse content by award nominations such as Oscar winners, new episodes, and lots more, a feature many users love. Also, the website features no intrusive ads and has a decent download speed of between 3 to 4 Mb/s.

12. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk - Discover Your Funk

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 2.5 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (15.19%)
  • First launched: March 2010
  • Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd

TorrentFunk provides Kickass torentsfor almost everything, from movies, eBooks, software, TV shows, anime, audio, and lots more. So, whether you are searching for your favorite games or the latest music, the chances are you will find everything on TorrentFunk.

This Kat alternative site enables you to see popular searches and offers the best torrents with magnetic links to allow you to download all your favorite content.

Although its interface isn’t that attractive, still, it’s easy to navigate, search and download anything instantly.

13. Demonoid


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 15.1 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (31.72%)
  • First launched: November 2014
  • Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd

Are you searching for torrents of your favorite apps, TV shows, comics, documentaries, anime, audiobooks, games, or movies? If yes, then check out Demonoid to find all that you need. It is an amazing alternative to Kickass torents with a vast directory of torrents across an extensive range of categories.

Users can use any torrent client to download their favorite files from Demonoid.

Although its interface is a bit dull, it’s functional and features the best and newest torrents you can imagine.

The site doesn’t require registration. Yet, doing so will give you access to more features.

14. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 230.6k
  • Users’ majority: Italians (59.12%)
  • First launched: January 2007
  • Registrar: eNom, lnc

If you are looking for a simple-to-use Kickass Torrents alternative, look no further than Legit Torrents. It offers a broad directory of torrent files, which you can search in various categories. Legit Torrents provides the latest content to users across categories such as audio, books, games, video, etc.

As its name suggests, the portal offers torrents that are legally available for download. Hence, you always get to torrent legally and without a fee or registration. On the downside, the team doesn’t update the site often.

15. iDope


  • Website:
  • Visitors: 11.3 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (13.4%)
  • First launched: July 2016
  • Registrar:

iDope is yet another popular and well-loved website that fulfills all your Kickass torentsneeds. Its interface is elementary, attractive, and easy to use. Thus, downloading your favorite torrents is straightforward.

At iDope, you can search and download anything you like, from movies to games and software, etc.

You can also search through their list of popular and latest uploads via various categories, such as music, games, movies, videos, and more. It attracts millions of visits every month, a testament to its acceptability. The site dubs its creation “a tribute to Kickass Torrents” and has a reasonably fast download speed.

16. Kodi

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 9.1 million
  • Users’ majority: Americans (23.67%)
  • First launched: May 2014
  • Registrar: GANDI SAS

Kodi is not a Kickass torents website but a streaming service that uses BitTorrent protocols to extract content from torrent directories.

It’s one of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives as it allows you to watch almost anything one can imagine. Examples of this include documentaries, anime, live TV, TV shows, movies, and more.

If you are a Kodi user, you would already know how to download torrents on it. If you are not, you only need to download a Kodi addon to torrent from it.

But to freely stream without geo-blocks, it’s necessary to have a Kodi VPN as that will bypass geo-restrictions and prevent third parties from noticing your online activities.

Although Kodi allows you to stream almost anything, these contents are not available for download. However, you can use third-party add-ons, such as Neptune Rising to bypass this limitation.

17. TorLock

Torlock - The no fakes torrent site

  • Website:
  • Visitors: 5.9 million
  • Users’ majority: Indians (13.85%)
  • First launched: June 2010
  • Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd

Last but not least on our list is TorLock, an excellent resource for instant browsing and downloading your favorite torrent files. This website features torrents across several categories, such as movies, software, books, music, and more.

The website interface is like every other torrent site, meaning it’s easy to use and navigate.

The downloading is free; however, you can sign up for an account to get more features. It has a reasonably decent download speed and attracts millions of visitors every month.

Best clone substitutes for Kickass Torrents

Since Kickass Torrents’ shutdown in 2016, many Kickass clone websites, the KAT proxy sites, have emerged. These mirror sites feature the same library as the original KAT, which users can access from anywhere.

Although these websites get blocked due to copyright infringements from the copyright holders, there are still ways to access these sites without restrictions.

By far, the most effective and common way is through the use of a VPN.

With a VPN, you can conceal your IP address. It gives you a new IP address from a different region that isn’t restricted, making it appear like you are in another country. That allows you to avoid geo-restrictions on these Kickass mirror sites and grants you free access to torrent content.

Below are the six best KAT proxy websites available today:



    When kickass torrent went down completely, was among the first couple of clones to spring up. This clone website has the same outlook, and smooth design as the Kickass portal had. Also, it has a strong search engine that enables users to find files available for download on the site quickly.


    This is also one of the earliest kickass clones to come up. To date, it still functions smoothly; you won’t experience any trouble accessing the website. Besides, it enables you to download all the kickass torrents you have always wanted to download.

    If you experience any trouble Kickass torents accessing, using a VPN will help change your IP address to another region where the website is accessible, thereby granting you easy access to its contents.

    3. is another functional Kickass clone with a powerful and fast torrent search engine like the original website. The site has a directory of torrent files from several domains to offer users a massive collection of downloadable torrent files. Also, it features diversified content, including TV shows, movies, games, music, apps, and lots more.


    If you want a website close to what kickass was, then that site is It is reputed to be the best clone version of KAT. It is reliable and good enough to meet your torrenting needs.

    This clone site features the original Kickass library, with various categories that cut across software, music, series, movies, and more.

    5. is yet another replica of Kickass torents. It has become a valuable and effective clone website, offering the same contents as KAT did.

    The website is easy to access from any region unless restricted in your area.

    But even if it is, you can use a VPN to bypass such restrictions and gain access to the website and download torrents from various content categories.

    6. is probably the oldest clone of the KAT. The site is functional worldwide, but you might need a VPN to access it in some countries. It offers users a complete Kickass directory with many connections, including series, documentaries, movies, and lots more.

    Besides, the website has an active community that constantly updates the latest torrents available for download.

    Private Torrent Sites: good Kickass alternatives for some

    Alongside the sites listed above, you can also Kickass torents choose to use private sites as Kickass alternatives.

    Basically, private torrent sites are the same as regular ones. However, the thing that makes them “private” is their accessibility. You necessarily need someone to “invite” you to join the platform, unlike the traditional websites listed above that anyone can use.

    While that’s a limitation, you might prefer them, given the pros of private torrent sites, such as continuous updates in the content and less probability of interaction with malicious users. All you need is to be an active contributor to the community by maintaining a balance between your uploads and downloads.

    As for the accessibility, you can easily find some members of the platform on Reddit or Discord. You can be friends with them and ask them to invite you to private sites.

    Alternatively, you can also keep looking for invitation codes that the members or the admins of such sites share publicly for a limited time.

    Although, not all private torrent sites may benefit you since their content might vary depending on users’ locations.

    Nonetheless, you can use the following private sites as Kickass alternatives where you may find your desired content.


    • Website:

    Bibliotik is a dedicated private site for ebook and audiobook Kickass torents. It has a huge library with books from various genres. So, once you step in, be sure to find your desired book here easily.

    But getting in here is the main issue since you can’t just sign up, even with a donation. The platform has strict rules for the members, thus necessitating an invite from a site member.


    • Website:

    It’s a good site for downloading safe torrents. The platform boasts a massive library of diversified content. However, it typically requires you to have an invite from a site member to join, despite a “sign up” feature. The site claims that it introduced the invite-only option to fend off “cheaters.”

    While finding an IPTorrent member online isn’t difficult, convincing that member to send you an invite is tricky. That’s because the site threatens the existing members to suspend their accounts if they noticed them inviting wrongdoers. So, be sure to have built a rapport before Kickass torents expecting to get an invite for IPTorrent.

    Alternatively, you can become a site donor to sign up without waiting for an invite. Since IPTorrents accepts bitcoin payments, you can easily donate to the site and become a member without sharing explicit personal details.

    Why you should always use a VPN with these sites

    Thousands of people access and upload torrents on various sites every day. Hence, there is no guarantee that any file downloaded is safe. On the contrary, it is most likely to be infected with viruses and other malware.

    Also, the use of torrenting sites puts you at risk of having your online activities tracked and your data intercepted by mischievous people.

    Undoubtedly, torrenting is a risky business. But with a VPN, the risk is eliminated, and your online activities are kept private.

    Here are the key reasons you should always use a VPN when uploading, streaming or downloading torrent files.

    Bypass the regional torrent restriction

    To forestall possible copyright infringement, some countries and regions have blocked torrenting websites. Hence, if you reside in any of these blocked regions, you can’t get your hands on the files you want.

    That is where a VPN comes in. With a quality VPN, you will be able to bypass any geo-restrictions effortlessly. To achieve it, the VPN connects you to another server in a different region where a specific site is not blocked. So, understandably, all you need to ensure is you connect to a server in another country that isn’t blocked.

    By selecting a VPN with a large server network, you get a wide range of choices to connect to a server location you require.

    This will come in handy more for those living in countries like Australia. In 2018, the Australian Federal Court gave an injunction ordering ISP to ban 181 pirate domains linked to 78 sites. Unfortunately, this injunction will be in effect for three years, meaning that Aussie fans of torrenting won’t be able to access their favorite torrent resources for that period (at least).

    But using a VPN in Australia lets you carry on as though nothing happened since you appear to be accessing these sites from a different region.

    Protect your privacy

    Top-notch VPNs are known to have watertight security and strong privacy features. A VPN encrypts users’ data and provides a secure connection to keep your data private. It also prevents ISPs from monitoring your online activities.

    When you encrypt your data with a VPN, you also make it impossible for hackers to get hold of sensitive information or infect your system with malware.

    While torrenting, there always is a chance that you may accidentally upload or download copyrighted materials. If caught, you may be slammed with legal action, even if it was an unintentional mistake.

    Hence, to avoid such situations, you need a VPN.

    If you download using a VPN, you mask your activities, making it tough for anyone to trace your online activities back to you.

    The best VPNs to access Kat’s alternative sites

    There are tons of VPNs in the market, all claiming to be the best. Some even offer their services for free but are only a disguise to lure you in and then expose you to the very things they ought to protect you from.

    With all these, choosing only the best VPN is a must for every security-conscious person. It guarantees excellent speed and the privacy required for safe and hassle-free torrenting.

    While a free VPN may seem tempting, you should avoid them. They are often slow, Kickass torents do not bypass geo-blocks, and sometimes leak your information to third-party agents. Even some paid VPNs aren’t that great in terms of anonymous torrent downloads.

    To ensure you get the best, we have taken the time to test all the top VPNs in the market and have come up with the best two. They include:

    1. ExpressVPN

    • Over 3000 super-fast servers in 94 countries
    • Anonymous and offshore VPN
    • Effective kill switch
    • Excellent 24/7 customer support
    • Watertight security features

    Stress-free torrenting requires excellent speed and dependable security. Fortunately, ExpressVPN has the fastest P2P servers you can think of. Also, the VPN features a large server network across 94 countries. And since all of its 3000 servers support peer-to-peer, you will hardly find a server crowded with torrent traffic, which Kickass torents ultimately gives you fast speeds.

    The provider has its base in the British Virgin Island, a privacy-friendly location free from the 14-eyes spying, government interference, monitoring, and other anti-piracy laws. Therefore, anything you do online using ExpressVPN can never be traced back to you.

    The most impressive thing about ExpressVPN is that while it’s super-fast, this doesn’t come at the expense of security as the VPN provides military-grade encryption. That is, it boasts AES 256-bit encryption, alongside offering shared IPs and DNS leak protection.

    It also has a strict no-logging policy and features an auto kill switch that Kickass torents protects your private information by preventing leaks even when your VPN connection suddenly drops. Besides, the VPN utilizes OpenVPN alongside other VPN protocols to protect your data. This prevents your information from getting into the wrong hands.

    Furthermore, it offers an impressive unlimited bandwidth; therefore, you can enjoy unlimited downloading. The best part, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    ExpressVPN can also easily support most of the streaming sites, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Showtime, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. Moreover, it works on most devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, macOS, and Android TV.

    2. Surfshark

    • Torrenting/P2P support
    • No log policy
    • Fast connection
    • Kill switch feature
    • 24/7 live chat support

    If you are looking for the best yet most affordable Kickass torents VPN, then you’ve got yourself a winner in Surfshark.

    This VPN is suitable for torrent fiends as it offers P2P support on most of its servers, is a VPN that supports bitcoin payment, has a zero-logging policy, and boasts no-knowledge DNS servers. Apart from working as a typical VPN, it also blocks ads and supports split tunneling.

    Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark has military-grade security (AES 256-bit encryption) and leakproof protection. Also, it includes a kill switch on macOS, iPhones, Windows, and Android apps.

    On the rare chance, if you struggle to get your Surfshark VPN running with your torrent website, there’s a handy 24/7 customer support you can reach via live chat or email.

    Surfshark allows using VPN on an unlimited number of devices with one subscription. That means you can use the VPN on your Mac, PC, TV streaming devices, router, mobiles, gaming consoles, and any other device with just one account.

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