Slots with High Odds to Win

Slots with high odds to win are always satisfying as who doesn’t like winning frequently? Although usually, this means that the payouts will be less, some players prefer the idea of winning less more frequently than spinning the reels time after time with no reward before finally stumbling across a big win.

Punters new to the world of slots with Cbet casino offers may wish to ease themselves in by playing slots that have a high winning potential as this is probably the best way to enjoy slots when first starting out. Even some more experienced players may prefer a game with frequent winning potential, it just depends on what kind of player you are.

How To Spot a Slot with High Odds to Win

There are a couple of different factors in play when it comes to deciphering the odds to win in any online slot. One of these is the Return to Player percentage, or RTP for short. This refers to how much of a player’s overall stakes are likely to be returned to them in the form of winnings on average. For example, if a player bets £100 in one sitting, they could expect to receive on average £95 back if the RTP is 95% for that particular slot.

Another factor is volatility. If a slot has a high volatility, it could be the case in the previous example that the player may take home £500,000 from their £100 or £10. In a low volatility game, it’s likely to be a much less broad spectrum of potential winnings.

Finally, the hit rate of a slot is important in determining whether it has high odds to win or not. The hit rate refers to the percentage of spins in a slot are likely to cause a win. This can be a little deceiving however as a hit rate could be high but the wins very small, so it’s important to analyse this alongside the other factors.

Using these three factors simultaneously when analysing a slot is important to deciphering whether that slot has high odds to win overall or not. But we’ve already done that for you! So here’s a few of our favourite slots with high odds to win.

Our Top Slots with High Odds to Win

  •   Reactoonz – Hit rate: 54.01%, RTP: 96%
  •   Gonzo’s Quest – Hit rate: 40.83%, RTP: 96%
  •   Book of Ra Magic – Hit rate: 30.61%, RTP: 96%

Final Thoughts on Slots with High Odds to Win

The slots that we’ve chosen above were selected because of their low volatility, high RTP and hit rate combinations and also because they’re great slots to play. There are hundreds of other slots available that will present high odds to win overall, so using this handy guide make sure you analyse slots in the right way and choose to play what’s right for you.

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