What are crackstreams?


Sports are a favorite thing of every individual. Watching sports sometimes can be highly expensive matter of fact. In this expensive market Crackstream is a website that helped on streaming live updates of sports events. This includes events for NBA, NFL crack streams, MMA, UFC, MLB, WWE streams and Boxing. Crackstream is similar to sportsurge site that is free and can be streamed on firestick, android, iOS, and windows too. Users usually access sites through VPNs. One of the safest and most used VPN is NordVPN.

Notwithstanding, several streaming services are becoming increasingly expensive than cable services. There was a time when it was good with just Amazon Prime Membership and Netflix Subscription. But now after the release of new applications like HULU, Discovery Plus, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, and Ultra 4k splendor-vision add-ons, an individual has to spend more than $100 per month just for the entertainment purpose but still get batten with Internet bills.

Crackstream is a life and money savvier pirate site that provides seasonal and combat updates of sports like basketball, wrestling, and boxing a day before the actual match. Therefore, it is obvious to use Crackstream which allows streaming at zero cost with just the internet bill.

But suddenly what happened to the crackstream services that are used by so many people? Has crackstreams been shut down? To know the detailed answers you have to cooperate with this article till the last.

Is Crackstream Legal?

Crackstream is a website that only streams live sports from all over the world. But this is a sketchy website instead. This helps to build a community of people who love to watch sports. This is an illegal website and involving in watching sports without paying is also a severe cybercrime and a person might end up in jail. Furthermore, this can be a little risky as using a pirate site is giving an invitation to several viruses for your device. So, you might not know what kind of severe damage you might end up doing with your device.

The safety of crackstreamz is a matter of controversy as many users who regularly use this platform would say that is safe and sound but in general, there remain some problems unless you use the premium or subscribed plan. Now, let’s know the answer has crackstreams been shut down?

What happened to Crackstream?

Has crackstreams been shut down? Is Crackstream legal? UFC’s Plan for Crackstream? What happened to Crackstream? Best alternatives to crackstreams


The Crackstream follows the protocol of Pay-per-view and that is the reason it is quite different from other alternatives to crackstream such as streaming apps like Soap2Day or PopcornTime. Crackstream was a good option for those who want to save money but currently, this site cannot stream live updates and sometimes can’t be even accessible.

Has crackstreams been shut down?

Answer is Yes, because most of the crackstreams URLs have been blocked by the Google under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But these cyber criminal come up with the new URLs overtime after blacklisting of previous one. They usually come back with new TLD every-time like crackstreams .net .co .cc .jp .is .tk or whatever TLD available under this name.

It is common fact that whichever site gets popularity ends up shutting down. But the crackstreams shut down is not permanent and can be accessible in no time as the previous time. Crack streams can again be seen with new TLD any as we previously mentioned.

Therefore, networks that are doubtlessly not going to go after individuals, who mostly stream vital championship sports games, mainly for things like MMA streams and boxing matches, where the immediate outcomes and highlight reels get free from the requirement of pay to watch. The companies that put on these events are highly focused on forcing these sites to end up.

Dana White, the President of UFC, recently dictated that he was diligently running after the anti-piracy proceedings against the illegal streaming site that includes none other than Crackstream.

Furthermore, the Tycoon of fighting has promised that he had surprises in store for those individuals who decide to rivulet any new pay-per-view. Fortunately, currently, no one is apprehended under the air of the UFC 257 card following.

A Press Conference Verdict is given which was further said by him. He said, “I told you guys that we found the guy and we were watching him. He put out a statement that night, said ‘I will not be streaming the McGregor vs. Poirier anymore, but I will show you how to buy it legally,’ and put out this huge statement. Now his whole streaming service has been deleted and is gone, and disappeared. One is already down and a load to go. I’m ready!”

Crackstreams were highly popular as the largest hub for MMA events and NFL streams. But several fans are realizing that it’s continually degrading and are further unable to broadcast any UFC fights in an opportune manner. Many fans also think that this happened due to Dana White’s strong-armed policy towards pirates.

What is the UFC’s Plan for Crackstreams?

The head of the UFC is Dana White who mentioned the recently approved the United States’ Protecting Lawful Streaming Act of 2020. The new legislation is highly concerned with making the illegal streaming copyright outcomes an offense or violation to large extended patrons.

Many fans have been highly disappointed and in return made fun of White’s efforts to minimalist the buccaneering over the past years. The fight for UFC track streams, which is one of the leading illegal streaming websites, has been a serious issue that the UFC was facing for several years.

White already knows that this battle would not end very soon and he will need some time but he is still hoping for a good result and is working accordingly with a positive site.

The president also further threatened those individuals who would indulge themselves in such pirating sites and he also informed that his promotion has snatched evil-doer and he is not going to stop until he visualizes an end.

The fights that are occurring are not the only responsible factor that leads to the going down of Crackstream but there is the involvement of several folks who are trying to stream popular sports championship games was irritated on the fact that could not see the predicted match between Los Angeles and Golden State.

What are the best alternatives to crackstreams?

There are several best alternatives to crackstreams that you can try out. But the only difference is that this is paid and legal at the same time. But the amounts are very reasonable.

  • ESPN+ This site gives a lot of benefits that include lag-free content, timely updates, etc. These are legal and no one can track an individual IP address for NBA watching. You did not have to be dependent on a VPN to mask the site for accessing it.
  • Fubo TV– Fubo Tv is another great alternative to the crackstream. This site not only allows the streaming of sports but also provides many more things. These are not expensive and can be used by every individual.
  • Hulu– This is an increasing site that is daily in building its demand by proving several streaming options. This site brings every event, sports, and movie at no time allowing an individual to gain quick access.

So, if you are a real sports lover then you should stop looking for such illegal crackstreams and subscribe for best alternatives to crackstreams mentioned above at a very small subscription fees.

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