Why Are A Lot Of Celebrities Not On Social Media Or The Internet?


Internet and social media are changing the way we live. Most people use the internet for work, while others use it for fun and entertainment. Every other day we hear about new social media sites emerging online. Depending on their features and functions, they might become successful or in worse case, unsuccessful.

Whenever you hang out with friends, have a party, accomplish something or check in to your dream destination, you post it on social media. It is part of our everyday routine, especially for people who like to get recognition and admiration from others.

Social media has changed everyone’s life and thanks to the wonderful land of the internet. Without it, it would not have been possible to share our pictures, videos, and statuses. ISPs are the one playing the vital part by offering affordable high-speed internet without any disruptions. Some of the notable names include Spectrum, Xfinity, CenturyLink, and Verizon. With a slight difference in prices, plans, and availability, all of these ISPs equally ensure seamless connectivity so that you don’t miss a feed on your social media.

You might have noticed that despite social media is the biggest place to get recognition, you won’t find celebrities there as much as common people. Here are some of the possible reasons:

Why Celebrities Are Not Found on Social Media?

Lack of Time

Unless any celebrity is sick or has some bad days, they are often too busy with their work. From shooting for movies and TV series to attending award shows and working as a brand ambassador, celebrities often find no time even to scratch their head.

Lack of Interest

In most cases, celebrities fail to develop any interest in social media platforms. One of the reasons is that they aren’t attracted to added admiration or recognition as they are already in sufficient spotlight. There is no significant reason left to get their profiles updated on social media and share their personal lives.

Scammers and Fraudsters

Social media is a haven for scammers and fraudsters. Creating fake profiles and posting updates as a celebrity might put them in danger. To avoid such situations, celebrities prefer staying away from social media.

Popularity is not on their list

Celebrities spend most of their lives on screens and in front of the camera. People know them more than they might know themselves. Unlike many social media users, celebrities do not seek recognition or fame as they are already well endowed with it.

Spending Me Time

Social media can consume hours and hours of one’s life. As most of the celebrities are busy throughout the year, so when they do get some time, they prefer investing that time privately, with family or friends rather than on social media.

Popular Social Media Platforms

If you are starting your career as an actor, you need to display your skills and the best platform is to use social media. Here are some of the best social media platforms where you can gain the public attention without spending a dime.


Instagram is the biggest social media platform where billions of people are found. From celebrities to influencers, ad agencies to production houses, everyone is using Instagram to promote themselves or their brand. If you intend to gain attention of these influencers, production houses, or ad agencies, it is ideal for you to create an account and post your best pictures and videos. Instagram is more about graphics, image containing content and videos. So if you are looking forward to gaining maximum traction, hiring a part-time or full time designer is ideal, so they could revamp your photos and videos to make them more aesthetically appealing.


TikTok emerged as a social media platform a few years back and has billions of users worldwide. TikTok is more like a lip-syncing app where users tend to act as if they are the real actors. If you have some acting skills and want to display them to others, TikTok is your place to be. However, do not copy others’ content and try to be original. For instance, if you are using premade videos and acting on them, this will not gain as much attention as the ones in which you act like yourself.


Facebook is the pioneer of all social media platforms and has been around for years. Although the platform is not widely used for this purpose, but still making a page or community can help promote you as an actor. If you want to gain the attention of people, make sure to join the community and make your page. Make videos, click photos and display your portfolio to succeed as an actor. Do not forget to use hashtags and mentioning people who are worth sharing the content with. Facebook can also be used as a platform to sell your products such as printed mugs, shirts, pens, and notebooks. If you can afford it, try using Facebook ads and gain the traction of millions of people Internet.

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